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The Power of Networking and Making Connections

Since I was in high school, I have constantly heard about the importance of "networking" in advancing my life and my career. However, I feel that I am now just really starting to get a good grip of how important networking really is. Now, I have always possessed a gregarious personality. Therefore, meeting new people is not a very daunting concept for me as it may be for many others.

I recently attended a small business exposition to really get MotivationByJon and my motivational speaking services off the ground. I got to meet so many entrepreneurs and I saw ripe fruits of opportunity ready to get plucked from the forest of greatness that pervaded the room. The reason why networking has such a new meaning for me is because I realize that as an entrepreneur and a startup owner, it is in my best interests to have a web of connections in my reach, that way whenever I need assistance, I have many options to choose from.

Knowing talented individuals with different experiences and abilities from my own can help me get a well-rounded understanding and point of view on various ideas. That way, I don't just look at a situation or an idea just from the point of view of Jon but also from the point of view of an engineer, a doctor, a private equity executive, or even kid still in high school.

Acquiring and maintaining connections is so important. So, it's not just meeting new people but keeping in contact with those worthwhile that helps. I have made so many connections throughout the years, and I am steadily realizing that I never know who I will need in the future. Therefore, my advice to anyone (including myself) is to be as kind as possible to others and keep in touch.



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