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Graduation: May it all commence...

Earlier this month, I had the distinct honor of graduation from the Pennsylvania State University with my Master's degree in Leadership Development. It was really interesting to hear my professor call me Master Adrien. It felt new to hear it but so true and so real. I have mastered it. But not the degree. I have mastered something much more: myself.

Throughout my graduate career, I had the distinct opportunity of serving as a Graduate Research Assistant, where I aided my professor in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocacy work and coordinating and facilitated events related to women in male dominated fields. I got to go study abroad in Europe and take classes on intercultural communication, stages of leadership, human resource management, and various models and methods of leadership.

While attending university full time, along with being a graduate assistant, I worked full time for Moody's Analytics as a Commercial Real Estate Research associate, where I analyze and compile data relating to commercial real estate property and listings. It was a roller coaster of a ride. Attending graduation was surreal because it really brought home the culmination of my education in an academic setting and my commencement deeper into the lifelong learning that the real world brings.

So many ask me what I want to do with my Master's and it's heard to answer at times because I can do so much. I can move up higher in the ranks at Moody's, facilitate seminars and workshops as a motivational speaker, as well as direct and coordinate non-profit work and philanthropic efforts. The world is my oyster, and I cannot wait to dominate and excel.

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