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Finishing it all off

Earlier last week, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting findings on global immersion with my colleagues in regard to my Management 897 Class. This class provided a unique opportunity to study abroad in Europe and visit different kinds of companies in Switzerland, Germany and France. Among these companies included pharmaceutical titan, Roche, headquartered in Switzerland, kitchenware appliance manufacturer, Gaggenau in France, and key leader in the automotive industry, Mercedes Benz in Germany. With my graduation for my Master's in Leadership Development quickly approaching, I found it to be quite a positive way to conclude my graduate studies.

The presentation constituted of Hofstede's Dimensions on Culture in addition to the Globe Framework pertaining to cultural management. My team and I compared and contrasted the frameworks by which American manufacturer 3M and Germany construction company, WeberHaus operated with a narrowed focus on Sustainability, Design of Work and Innovation.

I found this to be very fruitful to my lifelong education, as I have ambitions to lead others throughout the world on intercultural communication and global leadership. Culture can truly affect how we do business in other places other than our own. Therefore, it is crucial to consider how organizational practices fit in with cultural norms and expectations.

Please stay tuned...

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