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Joseph's Dream

There is a story in the Bible about a young man named Joseph who was incarcerated due to a false accusation of rape at the age of 17. He served about 12 years and wouldn't be released until he was 30. However, throughout his time spent in prison, the Bible says that God was with Joseph and made him prosperous and successful during his incarceration. The Scripture even says that Joseph was given charge over all of the other inmates (Genesis 39). 

Long before his incarceration, Joseph had dreams about being in a place of influence, prosperity and success. Not only that, but Joseph could also interpret dreams. And by interpreting Pharaoh's dream and helping Egypt avert the negative impacts of a global famine, Joseph was freed. And when he was freed, he was made 2nd in command of the global superpower at the time. His dreams were made a reality and he brought his family and put them on to the success he achieved (Genesis 40-47). 


Making Joseph's Dream into a Reality

 According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the United States' prison population stands at approximately 1.2 million people .  Per the Department of Justice, half of those incarcerated will be reinstituted in the criminal justice system after they've been released. Recidivism rates stand at about 83% nine years after release. The key reasons cited for the high rates of recidivism includes lack of resources and skills.

Joseph's Dream is a non-profit that exists to provide formerly incarcerated inmates with the skills and abilities to interpret the dream that we all have in life: to be prosperous and successful. In addition, we strive to give inmates with the counseling to reacclimate them back into society. 

Your donation can not only help those coming from the prison system but we make sure that their families are well taken care of during their time of transition

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Where your donation will go:

  • counseling and mental health services

  • education to learn skills that will generate income (trades)

  • financial assistance for families

  • community development center(s) for them to fellowship and connect with like minded individuals

An Era for Opportunity

With lower birthrates and a shortage in skilled trades workers, Joseph's Dream has come at the BEST time.

We seek to bridge the gap and help not only recently released prisoners, but employers as well. That way, they can have the skilled workers that they desperately need and those with a past can look forward to a brighter future. 

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